4 Side-Effects Of Having A Poor Drainage System In Grinstead

If reports are to be believed, 85% of the US residents spend their house repair money on mending damages caused due to poor drainage system. Normally, those water damages are caused due to faulty landscape irrigation, uncontrollable runoff and poor drainage.

The structure and foundation of your building are the first to get damaged. Not only will the foundation require repair work, but the faulty system can also affect the driveways of your appealing property. Few other side-effects of a poorly-installed drainage system are stated below.


  • Downpipes And Gutters

    Though the downspouts are mainly constructed to push rain water towards the gutter, property owners sometimes neglect this preventive measure. Not only should the downpipes and gutters be installed properly but also regularly inspected.

    Negligence to do so can cause swelling up of the soil, thus leading to cracking and finally shifting of the foundation. Stagnant water can also rot the material of your building, grow mold, or lead to insect infestations.

  • Foundation

    The foundation of your building is one of the prime factors affecting the drainage system of your property. If the moisture content of your foundation is uneven, it might make parts of the concrete move up and separate itself from the rests.

    Unless it is fixed properly or immediately repaired, it may further lead to damages and cracks. The owners can notice the cracks on the ceiling and walls. Few other signs are stuck windows and doors.

  • Driveways And Sideways

    As the soil swells, it starts growing in all directions. But when the water disappears in the ground, the property starts rising and falling simultaneously with the water cycle. When the bed beneath the driveway, parking lot, foundation, or sidewalks is poorly prepared, the damage caused is huge.

    Apply a cover of crushed gravel and rock in a compacted form to provide support and eliminate soil movement. Protect all the four sides, as water entering from either side of the foundation can damage it extensively.

  • Water Drainage

    Reliable companies offering installation of drainage in East Grinstead grade the drainage system properly so that water can drain away quickly from the foundation. The soil level is kept above 6 inches so as to prevent it from infestation by termites, ants, or crickets, as well as to keep the problem of wood rot at bay.

    A properly installed drainage system can drain away excess water from the foundation. Concrete levelling can be done after the concrete has settled sloping. Properly grading at the foundation can help to direct water under your parking lots and driveways.

Time To Approach The Ideal Company

A faulty drainage system has more side-effects than what meets the eyes. The damage it can cause to your property is huge. The best thing one can do is approach a professional company offering the service at an affordable rate and gift oneself some peace of mind.


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