7 Latest Trends Construction Companies in East Grinstead Are Following

Nowadays every construction projects are not only getting bigger but also better. In 2015, the industry almost exploded with cutting edge technologies. No wonder, every professional in the construction industry in always engrossed in evolving unique and responsive building methods. Few of the latest trends expected to rule the next few years are as follows,


  • Energy-Saving System

    Firms engaged in designing of buildings are aiming to bring the analysis of energy-efficiency into the process of designing. The various solutions of energy-efficiency are actually affecting the opportunities for builders and architects. Owners are now making an informed decision to maximize their ROI and encouraging green construction.

  • Prefabrication

    As construction companies are focusing on prefabricating off-site building elements, owners are also realizing its value. Instead of categorizing the building facilities in sequence, the contractors are actually streaming schedules by delivering numerous project elements together. Subcontractors are pre-fabricating the walls off-site and contractors are pouring the foundation.

  • 3D BIM

    Architectural models are evolving. Instead of the traditional 2D drawings, computerize 3D designs using BIM has become the new standards. Specific building systems have taken over the architectural models. Through programs of clash detection, designers are ensuring that no systems are interfering with each other. This is helping to prevent the issues of field coordination.

  • Robotic Automation

    Some jobs involving repetitive and continuous manual labour can easily be automated. Uses of automated technologies like robots are being used to hand over certain tasks like brick laying or robotic masonry. The demand for workers skilled in overseeing and working with robots is enhancing.

  • 3D Printing

    Generally, a 3D printer is used to connect the computer interface with the 3D design process. An extruder consisting of hot fluid is used to print the 3D design step by step. It is expected that in the near future most of the construction companies in East Grinstead will make use of this technology in their building process.

  • Smart Buildings

    Nowadays buildings are becoming connected to offer remote access and provide data monitoring. Through the use of advanced technologies owners are tracking the facility’s systems and automating them. Say, for example, distributed Centre lightings automatically turn on when required and off when not in use.

  • 5D Macro BIM

    Almost all designing firms are nowadays making use of 5D Macro BIM for crafting the perfect design. These models actually help the owners to understand how early designing can affect their schedule and cost involved. They can also access large-scale options and take decisions accordingly.

The Focus Is Always On Job-Site Safety

The latest trends focus on the usage of advanced technology, thus taking workers away from handling dangerous jobs. This is making all construction projects safer. The majority of the technical works are performed off-site in a controlled environment to improve safety. According to reports, the number of workers sustaining injuries or dying due to job-site accidents is gradually decreasing.


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