A Fundamental Knowledge About Drainage System By an Expert Cleaner in East Grinstead

                                   Keeping a clog free drain is not an easy task indeed

A drain clog can ruin your whole day in a minute. It’s no less a horrible nightmare. And you really don’t understand why it happens with you repeatedly. De-clogging is time-consuming and a big headache indeed.

Have you ever thought about the matter that the best way to apply some scheme that never allows clogging is more fruitful than unblocking it?

How to clean your drains?


First thing first, the primary step to de-clog a drain is to clean it regularly. What most people do, they clean the sink and hand basins as they are visible. Repeated doing this cause to clog the drain and it becomes a headache to clean a month’s dirt in a day. In this situation you need experts.

What an Expert cleaner do?

The very frequent question that people often ask when they are suggested to call drain cleaner is “Why should we need to call when we can do it ourselves?” And here is the reply. Yes, you are well enough to de-clog yourselves. You gave some domestic instruments too. But calling an expert is always beneficial as they have some special instruments, chemicals (other than your whole cleaning diluted acid) and the most important- the special skills and training that made them finish the job in a little while.

Expert’s Tips to keep Your Drains Clog Free.

Once an expert service provider of drainage in East Grinstead said mockingly that there were no term like expert cleaner if people could maintain their drains properly and they suggests some valuable points for keeping the drains clear regularly.

  • Install a mesh screen in the sink, bathtub, and shower drain. The expert cleaners suggest using this tool that is able to catch hair, food grains, or another semi-liquid food parts. This is probably the simplest way to make your drain clog-free.
  • Wash your pet outside of your house, not in the bathroom at least as their hairs are too small to catch by a mesh screen.
  • Don’t gather the dishes just after having the meal. Keep the food particle aside and then put it in the sink.
  • Brush your hair immediate after taking bath as it helps you clean the majority of the hair. And pour ample amount of water after using the bathrooms or washrooms.
  • Don’t make your commodes tour trashcan. Most people have this bad habit of flushing out stuff on the toilet seat instead of leave then on the trashcan. It’s one if the main reason of clogging in toilets.
  • Install good quality of drainage system and also use a high-tech de-clogging system. Ask the experts in you don’t know about it.

                                  A list of stuff that you shouldn’t put on drains.

Fats and cooking oil: The oily stuff is the reason to congeal other stuff. Try to avoid putting any kind of fats like cooking oils, Butter, grease on your drain.

Meatballs, rice, bones, egg shells: Don’t put any kind of food stuff in the sink or direct to the rain especially pieces of meat, fish, bones, egg shells, rice etc.

Hair: No matter is it coming from human or your pet, hair clogs the drain.

Hope you got the reason behind your frequent clogging. Keep your home clean and hygienic.

Be happy. Stay happy.

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