5 Features to Consider While Designing Drainage in East Grinstead


If you are a resident of East Grinstead who is still not aware of the importance of drainage, just think of the scenario you face after a rainstorm or snow-melt. With the right company by your side, you can employ a wide range of techniques to manage the drainage system within your property. Employing advanced technologies will give you the assurance that the excess water will flow to the right place.

If you are willing to design the drainage, make sure you possess adequate knowledge about the rules and regulations concerning environmental protection and water quality control currently prevailing in your area. You should also ensure that all the vital features are included in the design.

Opting For Drainage In East Grinstead? Focus On The Vital Features Stated Below

  • Rain Gardens

Installing a rain garden within your property will decrease water pollution by reducing the flood levels. Not only will it enhance the visual appeal of your property but also attract local wildlife, enhancing its beauty even further. The layered soil with plants in a rain garden helps in retaining the excess water and you don’t have to create a separate pond. Just make sure that the garden is created near the lowest point of your garden.

  • Landscaping

One of the vital aspects of Landscaping in East Grinstead is the numerous pipes laid below the ground. This method is known as drainage boring and the pipes help in removing excess water by transferring them to a separate outlet. Approaching professionals to install your landscape drainage properly will minimise the risk of damaging the structure of your house. A majority of the landscape designs are suitable for existing and new built properties.

  • Remove Pet Waste

If you have pets in your house, make sure to remove the pet waste at regular intervals to make the drainage system smooth. Though it does not have a direct impact on flooding, removing pet wastes will reduce nutrient pollution from drinking water. Accidentally consuming water contaminated with pet waste can lead to major health issues as the waste contains parasites, E.Coli, and viruses.

  • Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are simple devices which are connected to gutters and hold the excess water instead of drowning the grass in your garden. Installing rain barrels around your residential property while designing drainage in East Grinstead will help in managing storm floods with ease. An average-sized rain barrel can hold more than 45 gallons of water and you can even use them at times of need.

  • LID Technology

With advancement in technology, the drainage sector also underwent drastic changes for the betterment. The Low Impact Development or LID technology is regarded to be the latest invention and help in collecting excess water. One of the vital features of LID is its accessibility. You can use it in private and public properties to maximise usage of land with a complete peace of mind.

If you are trying a DIY to design your drainage system, make sure to include the features stated above. The best alternative is to approach professionals and let the experts shoulder the responsibility.

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