5 Ways Construction Companies Are Concentrating On Sustainability

According to a recent survey, the construction industry has been ranked to be one of the top three sustainable industries. Some believe it is merely because this is what public believes and basing on those perceptions they have drawn some images in their mind. It completely depends on the construction companies whether they can change the perceptions people have about them.

They need to define sustainability and identify the issues that are vital for their business. Each of the company should start understanding their sustainability goals and demonstrate how they would like to progress towards their objectives. In fact, this industry has already started taking vital steps towards sustainability as well as green buildings.


How Construction Companies In East Grinstead Are Portraying Their Commitment Towards Sustainability

Opt For Sustainable Design:

Almost 16% of the designs undertaken for residential projects are now green while the statistics are more than 45% for the non-residential buildings. A majority of the project designs are now LEED certified. They choose the design wisely as it actually creates a long lasting impact on our environment. The buildings are made well-insulated so that less energy is consumed and less toxic materials are used.

Low Impact Raw Materials:

A majority of the energy consumed during construction is mainly due to the raw materials used. The industry is thus trying their level best to reduce usage of harmful raw materials and replacing those with recyclable building materials having a low impact on the environment. Locally sourced plumbers are used to make the local economy stronger and decrease the cost of transportation.

Energy Efficient Equipment:

Whether it’s about the manufacturing process or fuel footprint, the equipment generally used by the industry is becoming more and more sustainable. Companies engaged in manufacturing these equipments are using diesel oxidation catalysts just to decrease harmful emission. Exhaust gases while passing through the catalyst reacts chemically and transforms into water and CO2.

Reduce Waste Generated On The Site:

The industry is now trying to reduce the waste generated at construction sites by developing various programs dealing with minimization of the waste. Earlier, around 4 to 6 pounds of waste was generated when a typical home was constructed. This waste consisted of materials like roofing, insulation, cardboard, drywall, glass, and metal. They now plan ahead and return all unused raw material to the supplier.

Sharing Sustainability Practices:

Almost all the construction companies in East Grinstead can understand the importance of Eco-friendly buildings and are trying to implement the same principles related to sustainability within their firm. They are implementing recycle programs and seeking for LEED certification both within the office and the construction site. Training programs are being arranged to educate their staffs about green buildings.

Why Opt For Modular Buildings?

Every construction company is aware of the fact that modular buildings not only reduce the time required to construct it but also the waste generated during construction. The components used are durable and can be continuously recycled.


5 Building Construction Systems Offered By Construction Companies

Whether it’s East Grinstead or any other town, the job by a construction company is much more than what meets the eye. With collaboration from efficient architecture, engineer, construction manager, and project manager, a building project is successfully executed. Irrespective of the construction being done in any sector, the building construction systems offered by these companies is numerous.

Approach Construction Companies In East Grinstead For The Building Construction Systems Stated Below

  • Concrete Frame Structure

    This structure is most commonly used for the construction of modern buildings. It consists of a concrete frame or skeleton. RCC concrete is used while building this structure. The concrete consists of steel bars. As the concrete becomes stronger in compression, this combination works quite well and can be easily produced at the site. Building the concrete frame structure is also comparatively less expensive.


  • Steel Frame Structure

    The mild steel variety is used during construction of steel frame structures as the strength offered by the mild steel is immense. The steel frame is also quite flexible and can be easily bent without cracking. When subjected to high force, the steel does not crack suddenly but bend slowly. The deformed shape warns residents and offers them ample time to escape. It’s very rare for a steel structure to collapse.

  • Load Bearing Masonry Wall Construction

    Earlier construction companies made use of the load bearing masonry wall construction to erect small residential buildings. Concrete columns were absent and walls were made of thick masonry bricks. Though, this type of structure is not quite common nowadays as the effect of an earthquake on these buildings is immense. The structure also gets damaged is one tries punching a hole in the wall to join two rooms.

  • Light Gauge Steel Structure

    The principle used by construction companies in East Grinstead during construction of light gauge steel structures is quite similar to that of the wood framed construction. Sections of the structure are formed and given shape at room temperature. A coating of zinc is given to the steel to prevent it from corrosion. This frame is mostly used for non-structural framings like external claddings or interior partitions. They are light and can be changed or modified easily.


  • Pre Engineered Building Construction

    The pre-engineered building construction is done by shipping factory-built steel structures to the site before bolting them. This variety is mostly suited for the construction of warehouses or industrial buildings. They can be erected and dismantled quickly and are also cost-efficient. The steel sections are lifted with a crane and bolted by the construction workers.

Safety The Priority

Though the construction companies offer a wide range of construction services, this is one of the dangerous sectors in the world. The occupational injury suffered by these workers is almost three times as compared to the other sectors. So, maximum care should be taken by these companies to enhance their safety.

7 Latest Trends Construction Companies in East Grinstead Are Following

Nowadays every construction projects are not only getting bigger but also better. In 2015, the industry almost exploded with cutting edge technologies. No wonder, every professional in the construction industry in always engrossed in evolving unique and responsive building methods. Few of the latest trends expected to rule the next few years are as follows,


  • Energy-Saving System

    Firms engaged in designing of buildings are aiming to bring the analysis of energy-efficiency into the process of designing. The various solutions of energy-efficiency are actually affecting the opportunities for builders and architects. Owners are now making an informed decision to maximize their ROI and encouraging green construction.

  • Prefabrication

    As construction companies are focusing on prefabricating off-site building elements, owners are also realizing its value. Instead of categorizing the building facilities in sequence, the contractors are actually streaming schedules by delivering numerous project elements together. Subcontractors are pre-fabricating the walls off-site and contractors are pouring the foundation.

  • 3D BIM

    Architectural models are evolving. Instead of the traditional 2D drawings, computerize 3D designs using BIM has become the new standards. Specific building systems have taken over the architectural models. Through programs of clash detection, designers are ensuring that no systems are interfering with each other. This is helping to prevent the issues of field coordination.

  • Robotic Automation

    Some jobs involving repetitive and continuous manual labour can easily be automated. Uses of automated technologies like robots are being used to hand over certain tasks like brick laying or robotic masonry. The demand for workers skilled in overseeing and working with robots is enhancing.

  • 3D Printing

    Generally, a 3D printer is used to connect the computer interface with the 3D design process. An extruder consisting of hot fluid is used to print the 3D design step by step. It is expected that in the near future most of the construction companies in East Grinstead will make use of this technology in their building process.

  • Smart Buildings

    Nowadays buildings are becoming connected to offer remote access and provide data monitoring. Through the use of advanced technologies owners are tracking the facility’s systems and automating them. Say, for example, distributed Centre lightings automatically turn on when required and off when not in use.

  • 5D Macro BIM

    Almost all designing firms are nowadays making use of 5D Macro BIM for crafting the perfect design. These models actually help the owners to understand how early designing can affect their schedule and cost involved. They can also access large-scale options and take decisions accordingly.

The Focus Is Always On Job-Site Safety

The latest trends focus on the usage of advanced technology, thus taking workers away from handling dangerous jobs. This is making all construction projects safer. The majority of the technical works are performed off-site in a controlled environment to improve safety. According to reports, the number of workers sustaining injuries or dying due to job-site accidents is gradually decreasing.